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Rakshak Issue 4- A Hero Among Us Origin


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Losing his loved ones to an inhuman act of violence, retired Army Captain Aditya Shergill takes it upon himself to become a vigilante and fight crime as ‘Rakshak’ The Protector. With his new ally and people supporting his agenda, Aditya finds himself stronger and more determined to bring justice to this society until his ideals are betrayed by the one he has trusted most in this mission. In the final chapter, Aditya finds himself fighting against not just criminals but the very people who took up his brand of vigilantism. Justice is taken over by extremism; the battle is taken over by war as this new generation of Vigilantes cross the thin red line of morality and revels in mayhem. How will Aditya stop people who got into this arena of battle inspired by him? How will he fight against someone whom he considered close enough to be his brother? The finale of Rakshak: Origin is not a fight between good and evil, it is fight between ideals. How far are you willing to go in this mission against crime? What will be the repercussions? The final chapter of Rakshak season one will make you question yourself as the story comes to an end…for now.


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