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Aghori Annual 2


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As a familiar Aghori prepares to make his return to the HCE Universe, perhaps it is time to visit once again the mysteries that turned an ordinary man into the Aghori we all know. All good stories are about change. The way our characters struggle to deal with it, understand it, accept it determines their destiny and that of the story itself.

In Origins, we saw Vikram Roy kill his own family and curse his son under the touch of a devil. Frightened, confused and wracked with guilt, he escaped into places unknown – in search of meaning, in search of answers. The story that unfolded joined him once again when he returned twelve years on as Vira, The Aghori.

But what happened in those years are now tellings of legend and myth, whispered by the ones who know him best. I’d like  to think that I know him well, this Vira. I’d like to think, that I know a tale or two that I could tell. So come, sit by the fire, turn the lights low for such things are best whispered in the dark, far from prying eyes. I’ve called upon some of my friends, you see. They too have stories of this Aghori to tell. Stories of a time unknown. Of the days and months spent between the pages of another tale.

Let us tell you now, of The Lost Years.

The Enemy Within

A ritual gone awry. Vikram Roy, a fledgling Aghori and a group of his peers are transported to a strange new world, where something is killing them one by one. Does Vikram survive the experience, unscathed?

Strangers in the Night

Two boys on the cusp of manhood. An evil from eldritch lore. Fate plays peek-a-boo as a cold dark night tears into the fabric of space and time.


Ashwin Kalmane, Yogesh Chandikar


Neelam, Gaurav Shrivastav


Eshwar, Vivek Goel






32 Pages


Ashwin Kalmane,

Yogesh Chandikar


Holy Cow Entertainment




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